Pittsburgh Magazine: Pick Your Party


The Prop Shop can turn your venue into anything — or take you to ancient Rome onsite.


Pittsburgh Magazine Feature January 2014

What do you want your next shindig to look like? Will you choose the ragged wood of the Wild West — or the illumination of New York’s nightclub heyday? Steve Weiner, president of The Prop Shop, gestures in his warehouse to the latter motif, dubbed “nightclub/ultra lounge,” with softly lit bars and white leather couches. “It’s the most popular theme in the country,” he says. The Prop Shop, located in the East End and founded in 1993, provides event décor and props for parties, special events and theatrical productions. If you’ve been to a themed fundraiser, prom or wedding around here in the past 20 years, Weiner probably decorated it. Most of the company’s clientele is local, although some items from the 27-theme collection have traveled as far as Moscow. The Prop Shop’s 15,000-square-foot warehouse also serves as a multifaceted venue; host your special occasion in a themed area of the showroom — say, the counter of a ’50s diner — and your guests can roam into other territories, such as the cloud-topped ruins of ancient Rome. At The Prop Shop, Pittsburgh can be anywhere you want it to be. [partyprops.com]

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